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Successful engineering is all about understanding how things break or fail. by Henry Petroski


Information security in companies.

After the Storm Comes The Calm

After the storm comes you need a plan. The Disaster Recovery Plan consists of the anticipation by companies of serious problems arising from the current situation in computer terms.

In practical terms, companies are already aware of the impacts of a computer disaster are due to previous bad experience or to the recognition that, investing in effective computer systems represent a source of profitability for those in their various administrative, operational or operational areas ; These companies anticipate their performance through strategic planning of information systems.

This planning consists of the detailed mapping of the means in terms of their equipment, management and the human resources that operate them.


Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions represent a possible reality in the information security of companies. In recent and daily virus attacks of the most varied and unknown is real and already proven by our team and customers, the real-time information.

Loss of information, maintenance of outdated systems, need of adequate space for servers, which in the broad sense have lost their greater function: serve are some examples that portray many companies.

The management decision on investment in technology with the replacement of cables and hardware old represents the past. As long as the issue is not seen effectively, the problems will always be the same and the impacts from viruses, lack of maintenance or a simple electricity failure can result in the total loss of data.


SEVWAYS provides physically isolated hardware in a datacenter. With unique hosting (dedicated physical servers), with state-of-the-art data monitoring and control and IN / OUT data flow monitoring.


SEVWAYS uses your data in a cloud storage service accessible from anywhere in the world, whether it is running in the cloud, on the desktop, on an on-site server, on a mobile phone or on a tablet.


SEVWAYS with hybrid servers, you do not have to worry about the traffic used by your hybrid server. Use the server without worries, no surprises. All solutions include unlimited traffic.

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