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From end users to critical infrastructure, trust SEVWAYS to be your comprehensive IT service provider. We will deliver scalable solutions optimized to fit your specific needs so you can focus on what matters most- your business.


Let's Solve IT Together

Whether it's managing mission-critical infrastructure, providing 24x7 monitoring and alerting, or executing your cloud strategy, SEVWAYS delivers the flexible and scalable suite of solutions your organization needs to take IT to the next level.


Augment IT

Meet complex compliance and dynamic security challenges, leverage flexible IT resources to enhance capabilities , and protect vital data with business continuity solutions, all powered by the SEVWAYS Solutions.

Computer Management Services

Any company nowadays uses the Internet. Even if you only have a PC, with no network, no internet, no emails and is isolated ...
On the other hand, if you have a network connected to the Internet, but do you not have technical assistance ... there may be degradation of the service, failures and slowness of access to the network, servers and devices within the company itself.
In terms of security, Viruses / Malware/ Spyware increasingly use the Internet in their dissemination. Monitoring is therefore important to detect these threats as early as possible.

Ricardo Agostinho ( Network Technician )

Systems Administration/Networking
Systems AdministrationWindows Server; Hyper-V; Network; Security; SQL System DataBase.

Technical Support
Support 1ª e 2ª line to the our customers.

Backup /Rollout
Backup / Rollout  Data or Program

Server Management
Server Management on local or Cloud.

Services Management Services Management
Office 365, Google Suite

Service Backups
Punctual or scheduled backups.

Installation, maintenance and configuration of computer equipment.

Scheduling visits by specialized technicians.

Budgeting, Selection and Purchase of Equipment.

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Segurança Web

Sevways implements web security products, using Trend Micro for small businesses and Fortinet solutions for small and medium businesses. These security systems are easy-to-manage, block threats, activate reports to enforce policies and provide centralized visibility and control. If you need to know which the best web security solution for your company, contact us.

Service Desk

Our team has a consolidated history of Service Desk and works on Atlassian JIRA which is a cloud software to provide an enterprise class assistance to customers all over the world.
Through Atlassian JIRA, we can control all support tickets per company and we have the support requests history of all customers. It’s a cloud software which allows us to provide quick answer to our customers.

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Unprotected web applications are entry point for hackers and are exposed to various types of attacks. Our multi-layered and correlated product protects your web applications. Our FortiGuard Labs web application security service uses information based on the latest application vulnerabilities, bots, suspicious URLs and data patterns, and specialized heuristic detection mechanisms to keep your applications protected from:

SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflows, and cookie poisoning;
Malicious sources

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Increase your impact and expand your reach with Office 365 connected to the cloud: essential business tools nowadays.

Work more efficiently with the full Office applications installed on all your devices, as well as online file storage and sharing.

Microsoft Azure,  growing of integrated cloud services that programmers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications across our global datacenter network. With Azure, you get the freedom to create and deploy wherever you want, all with the tools, applications and architectures of your choice.