Human Resource Management solutions help your company making recruitment, choose the right people and manage their performance and qualities.

Get a freedom of administrative and routine tasks with Sage X3 People. This software offers you a wide functional coverage and process automation; Evolution of HR practices and strategies, thanks to extensive customization; Optimization of information flow and data management; and Business Intelligence, fully integrated and user-oriented.


  • Streamline human capital with the management of training policies, building a training catalog with the definition of the orientation of the training plans. View the set of scheduled sessions graphically.

 Career Management

  • Evaluate, value and retain employees with simple, coherent and effective functionalities. Quickly identify the ideal profile for each position, post or mission.

 Time and Activities

  • Easy activity planning, simple and protected logging, and a graphical view of employee activity.


  • Improve talent management and facilitate the mapping of positions / functions, thanks to a referential and unique skills and functions

  Administrative Management and Salaries

  • Optimization of the management of employees and processing salaries, through a pre-parameterized and customizable application.


  • Increase the visibility of HRD’s strategic role, through relevant control frameworks and HR indicators.

Training for Sage X3 People

To help HR teams achieve their goals on time, we have developed Sage X3 People, a complete, modular solution. In this regard, we have developed a number of training programs to help you get the most from your solution.


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