About us


Sevways was founded in 2009 and is a computer engineering project development company dedicated to the integration of technologies in Organizations. Especially in the implementation of information systems, based on applicational software excellence.

The computer engineering team specializes in consulting, implementation, training and software development in the field of business-oriented engineering. In the development of complex and tailor-made products for each organization.

The systems implemented by the company, both Sage and Primavera, aim to optimize business management, centralize decision support information, simplify operations and processes, so that productivity gains and resource monetization are verified.

The developed solutions have as main component to give answers to the specificities of in each area of performance, namely in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), HCM (Human Capital Management), Business Intelligence, Asset Management and Treasury Management.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), HCM (Human Capital Management), Business Intelligence, Asset Management and Treasury Management.

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Technical Partnerships and Certifications

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Global Presence

Since 1999, we have a wide experience in many projects all over the world. We have delivered projects in Portugal, Spain, England, Netherlands, Mozambique, Angola, Kenya and Brazil.

Global Presence

It’s our expectation to internationalize our know-how and to provide an excellent service to our customers all over the world. In order to be a reference company in information systems engineering sector, Several Ways wants to implement big technological solutions.

Our internationalization project is supported by FEDER - European Regional Development Fund, in the ambit of programme Portugal 2020. You can know more about our project here.

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Value offer

Technology and expertise in the development of custom solutions synthesizes the performance of Sevways.

A company motivated by change and with an entrepreneurial spirit, composed of a team of consultants: experienced and highly motivated computer engineers.

These are characteristics of our team and the culture of the company that in its course, fortunately managed to gather in their human resources people who share the same way of being and being of the company.

The taste for technology, for serving and the sense that in computer engineering knowledge results in an exchange. Of experience between academic and technical knowledge and the needs and business reality of each client with whom we collaborate.

For us it is important to serve effectively, but always with a spirit of help, with the settled realization that systems for more efficient, if they are not user-friendly and useful are waste of time. It is part of the DNA Sevways to seek the answers intended by customers in a positive and operational way. Our focus is to develop and implement solutions as they streamline processes and improve the performance and efficiency of your business.

To deliver these solutions, we work with the best technologies like Sage, Spring and ZAP BIT. We are partners Sage, Google Cloud, Microsoft and Atlassian.